Covela Avesso


Avesso, with its origins in this sub-region of Baião, is Covela’s main grape and during the last decade this varietal has become synonymous with Covela and Covela synonymous with Avesso. Grape variety notoriously difficult to cultivate, but at Covela it thrives and produces fresh and vibrant wines with notes of citrus and tropical fruit that stimulate the palate and show remarkable structure and minerality. This is a Vinho Verde produced with minimal intervention but maximum care. Pure with excellent ageing potential. At Covela we farm organically and the estate is certified by KIWA-Sativa. This wine is vegan.

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Organic farming. Hand-harvest, organized plot-by-plot to ensure optimal picking Transport in small boxes to avoid crushing. Gentle pressing. Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel vats. Remains on lees for five months before battling. Fining, when necessary, with bentonite. No use of enzymes. Light filtration. Vegan.

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0.75 L, 1.5L


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