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For many people, Vintage Port is the ultimate expression of these wines that are so Portuguese but also belong so much to the world outside. At Tecedeiras, we only produce Vintage Ports in exceptional years and in quite limited editions. This 2017 Vintage is our most recent and mirrors a truly extraordinary year. The 2017 harvest was historically one of the earliest ever. A dry winter and mild temperatures caused the vegetative cycle to start earlier than usual. Rain levels remained low throughout the growing season, leading to moderate water stress among the vines and their subsequent natural adaptation to such adverse conditions. Late August, night temperatures dropped significantly, which helped the grapes to ripen completely. The arrival of colder nights and the hot days produced perfectly balanced grapes. September remained dry, allowing the harvest to proceed quickly and without a hitch. As a result, production was much lower due to smaller grapes and smaller bunches, but with excellent concentration and pulp-skin ratio. In short, 2017 will certainly go down in history as a year of exceptional wines. With this Tecedeiras Vintage,this expressed itself in a somewhat opaque wine, of intense ruby hue with a violet halo. Aromas were naturally concentrated, opulent and with excellent depth, dominated by ripe, red and black fruits, as well as dried fruits and some floral notes such as rock rose and eucalyptus. Even some hints of the Douro schist can be detected, making for even more complexity. On the palate, we have a drier style with good structure, excellent mouthfeel and balance, and an exceptionally long finish. This Vintage can be enjoyed now, as appears to be the latest trend, or laid down and kept for decades. As it is unfiltered, deposits can form in the bottle and so we recommend decanting before serving.

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Grapes from old vines, plots of various grape varieties planted together Manual harvest. Strict manual selection of curls. In the cellar we practice the traditional fermentation with stalks in granite presses using foot treading. After fortification, the wines age in barrels for two years until the date of bottling, which happens without filtration of the wine

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2016, 2017