Covela Aguardente Bagaceira “Firestorm”


This Aguardente Bagaceira is produced by meticulous double distillation in a traditional copper still, then aged and stored in stainless steel vats, maintaining clarity and flavour to the full. This after-dinner digestive brandy can be enjoyed as a shot or used to create cocktails. It completes the range of wines and organic olive oils produced at Covela. Choose between this, the five-skull-rated Firestorm and – for those who prefer something more aromatic – the five-skull-rated Firestorm.


crystal clear
austere and intens
smooth, yet powerful and complex. Long finish.
Best enjoyed at a temperature of 13ºC to 15ºC.

Double distillation in a traditional copper still. Made 100% from the bagasse of grapes grown at Quinta de Covela. Fruit selected from our more full-bodied varieties to produce a traditional Aguardente Bagaceira that is complex, intense and expressive of our grapes and granitic soils.Aged and stored in stainless steel vats.

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